Tie/Money Clip

For Safe Alliance, our logo, the lotus flower, conveys a powerful image that we embrace and respect.  The lotus flower begins life in mud at the bottom of a pond.  It grows upward through the water's waves and currents and blooms into a beautiful flower when it surfaces.  We believe this process is symbolic of the inspirational journey our clients travel with Safe Alliance.  People come to us in crisis that many would define as the worst chapters in their lives.  Clients utilize the knowledge, resources and tools gained through their engagement with Safe Alliance to empower themselves to blossom like the lotus flower.  By purchasing this tie clip, you will help us support our mission of providing hope and healing for people in crisis.  Proceeds from this item allows us to continue our work toward making our community a safer, more fulfilling place for our families and neighbors. 

This tie clip makes a great simple and practical gift. Please note that our tie clips are made of aluminum and scratching is natural with a soft metal and regular wear and tare, but it also creates its own worn finish. They are made of a 'springy' aluminum so they retain their shape after clipping them to a tie. They also function as money clips. They measure approximately 2 1/4 by 3/8 inches. Due to the nature of it being handmade, stamping may not be 'perfectly' aligned. This product was made by hand in Vermont by Informal Elegance, LLC.

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