Art With Heart - Art Donor Application

Thank you for your interest in donating art to Art With Heart, benefiting Safe Alliance! Your contribution will allow Safe Alliance to further its mission of providing hope and healing to those impacted by domestic and sexual violence.
PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY! Thanks to your thoughtful feedback, you'll notice some significant changes this year. We're going back to our roots by returning to a familiar, but less formal, venue with enhanced lighting. We're also lowering our ticket prices to attract collectors of all levels, and we're working hard for our art to represent Charlotte's diverse community! 
Art With Heart 
Saturday, February 24, 2018
CenterStage in NoDa
1) Artists will submit donations for consideration by January 31, 2018. You will be notified by email no later than February 7th if your piece(s) have been accepted into the auction. Please plan to drop off accepted artwork at Safe Alliance or J. Sam's by February 15th during normal operating hours. For hanging pieces, artwork must be wired prior to drop off. Failure to do so may exclude your artwork from the auction and/or Juried Competition.

2) Each donor will receive one general admission per accepted item donated (limit 2) to the event. Additional tickets may be purchased at Please submit a separate online application for each item to be considered.

2) All accepted pieces will be judged in the 2018 Juried Competition. Finalists and awards will be announced at the Art With Heart auction on February 24, 2018.

3) Any unsold pieces may be picked up by the donor at 601 East Fifth Street, Suite 400, Charlotte, NC  28202 the week following Art With Heart. By submitting your application below, the donor acknowledges and excuses any damage that may occur during transportation. You may NOT pick up your piece(s) at the event.

4) In order to further recognize our amazing artists, we will display the following submitted information with your donation on the night of the auction. We reserve the right to edit this information for space allowed.

2018 Art Donor Application

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In an emergency please dial 911

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