Group Volunteer Opportunities

Groups hold a special place at Safe Alliance as they bring an energy and effort that creates change on a large scale! And no two groups are the same: we offer opportunities for groups of up to 25 individuals.  A group might be a  family, friends, co-workers, a civic group, a house of worship or any collection of people with a desire to help. No matter what size or make up, your group can find a way to benefit our community through Safe Alliance.

Groups may select one of many ways to participate:

Service Projects

All hands on deck! Service projects, like groups, come in all shapes and sizes. Have a large group with lots of muscle? Let’s get you clearing a garden. Smaller group with finer skill? Take part in our quilting program. Part of a family that wants to give back? Prepare & deliver dinner for the Shelter residents. These hands-on, active roles are great ways to pitch in and make a difference.

Choose to work at one of our region offices or at our Domestic Violence Shelter and make a difference through your labor.

Kitchen Help

We are looking for help in the kitchen to prepare, serve and clean up from meals. We serve three meals a day to our residents, so lots of teams are needed!

Click here for the Meal Guidelines if your group will be bringing the food, cooking, serving and cleaning up.

Click here for the Meal Guidelines if you or your group (or you yourself) would like to lend hands to the effort using the food we purchase.

Activity Visits

Some groups bring specific skills and below are just a few examples…

Beauty consultants can teach new makeup techniques

Financial experts help clients become empowered through financial education

Techies oversee the computer lab

A team of two offers yoga and childcare for clients

A dental office teaches oral care for children

Questions? Contact Kathy Heatley at