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March 2017

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Men For Change
Tuesday, April 26th
Charlotte Convention Center
Start Time: 7:00 a.m..
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  20th Annual Men For Change Breakfast & Silent Auction 
Men For Change is made of a group of community leaders who work on behalf of Safe Alliance to raise funds and public awareness about the epidemic of domestic violence and the role men can play to model appropriate behaviors toward women, while serving as role models for youth. This year we celebrate our 20th Annual Men For Change event.

At this year's 20th Annual Men For Change breakfast and silent auction on April 25, 2017, we will honor the past noting our vibrant Leadership with a Legacy - and renew our commitment to the future of Safe Alliance, raising much-needed funds and awareness for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

To reserve your table or become a sponsor, contact Carol Shinn at (704)367-2702 or

A Note on Finanical Abuse from Carroll Financial

Carroll Financial Associates, Inc. is one of the oldest and largest financial planning and investment management firms in the Charlotte region and a strong commitment to our community has always been an extensive part of our philosophy.  In keeping with the spirit of this pledge, we designed a series of financial literacy workshops last fall that directly benefit the clients staying at the Clyde and Ethel Dickson Domestic Violence Shelter in Charlotte.  My teammate Cindy Piacentino and I are ecstatic about this recent partnership with Safe Alliance and have been working closely with Shelter Victim Advocate Manager Henrietta Thompson and Community Living Advocate Tierra Kirkland to make this program possible. 

Financial abuse is a frequent strategy used by abusers to gain additional power and control in a relationship. The faces of financial abuse may be elusive or obvious, but typically it includes tactics to limit the partner's access to financial assets and account information. According to Purple Purse, financial abuse occurs in 99% of all domestic violence cases.  It is an invisible weapon that purposefully traps the victim in a position of dependence and impedes his or her ability to safely and successfully leave an abusive relationship.

Financial abuse can be debilitating to an individual's financial outlook in the short term.  Oftentimes financial setbacks such as damaged credit scores, legal challenges, cases of stolen identity or sporadic employment history make it extremely challenging for domestic violence survivors to move forward and gain financial independence.  These workshops are designed to help the clients and their families tackle financial obstacles and better understand and manage their personal finances.  We meet during group once a month and encourage an open forum format that in turn creates an energetic and collaborative exchange of questions, ideas and more importantly, solutions to financial snags that the clients are confronting.      
Since we launched the program in October of 2016, we have covered a variety of financial planning topics such as common myths about money, creating bulletproof budgets, rehabilitating severely damaged credit scores and ways to avoid falling victim to identity theft predators.  We are eager to continue these discussions with the residents this year and help them recognize that small changes to short-term hurdles can foster stability and long-term financial benefits.  The debilitating cycle of financial abuse can be broken and we look forward to continuing to support the clients as they learn how to take back full control of their financial houses.

Thank you for the opportunity to assist and empower the clients as they build their tailored bridges to financial freedom. 

If you have any questions about our financial literacy program at the Women's Shelter or if we can be of assistance to you and your families regarding your overall financial roadmap, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With gratitude,

Emily B. Netzel

Director of Communications & Financial Advisor
Carroll Financial Associates
4201 Congress Street, Suite 210
Charlotte, NC 28209
Office: 704.553.8006
Direct: 704.247.2808
Fax: 704.247.2826                                

Registered representative and securities offered through Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, member FINRA/SIPC.  Advisory services offered through Carroll Financial Associates, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor.  Carroll Financial and Cetera Advisor Networks are not affiliated.

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