Safe Alliance offers counseling to children, adults, couples and families. See below for counseling client forms. People come to counseling for many reasons. Some come to us in the midst of crisis. Many others come because they are wrestling with challenges we face in our everyday lives: caring for aging parents or our children; navigating the difficulties of surviving middle and high school; or developing communication skills needed to build healthy relationships. For surviors of sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse and other traumatic situations, we offer trauma focused counseling.  We utilize evidenced based practices, which is a fancy way of saying, our counseling works.  Our clients get better and heal from their trauma.








The benefits of the counseling can lead to greater self-awareness, insight and strength to face the challenges of life and to find joy and meaning, as well as a work/life balance.

  • We provide confidential services that enable you to meet your particular needs in a timely, cost-effective manner.
  • Fees are based on a sliding scale according to income and family size. Cash, personal checks, credit cards, health insurance, and Medicaid are accepted.
  • Daytime and evening appointments are available, except on Fridays.
  • The majority of staff are licensed, professional counselors with advanced trauma training as well as individual, couples and family therapy.

People seek counseling at Safe Alliance for domestic violence; sexual assault; child abuse depression; stress and anxiety; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, chronic physical illness; marital difficulties; single parenting issues; school adjustment; premarital counseling; individual and family adjustment;  separation and divorce adjustment; communication issues; and grief and loss.

Safe Alliance counselors help children and teens through art and play activities, group and one-on-one sessions. Counselors help children recognize and express their feelings and develop age-appropriate skills for dealing with them. For children who have been traumatized, we utilize Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT). Through TF-CBT, both parent and children/teens learn how to process their emotions and thoughts that relate to the traumatic experience. They are given the necessary tools to alleviate overwhelming thoughts that can cause stress, anxiety and depression and are taught how to manage their emotions in a healthier way. TF-CBT helps children & teens who have experienced repeated episodes of trauma, as in abuse or neglect, or those who have suffered one occurrence of sudden trauma in their lives. Children who are learning to cope with the death of a loved one can also benefit greatly from TF-CBT.  For adults struggling with trauma, we utilize the Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) model.  The primary focus of CPT is to help clients gain an understanding of, and modify the meaning attributed to, their traumatic event.

To make a counseling appointment call:

Cabarrus County:  704-786-7918

Charlotte: 704-332-9034

Lake Norman:  704-655-8745

Union County:  704-226-1352

Counseling Client Forms