For more than 20 years, Men For Change has been bringing our community together, raising awareness and funds to provide life-saving services for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Men For Change offers a space where fathers, sons, brothers and their families can participate in activities throughout the year aimed at ending domestic and sexual violence.

As a Man For Change, I PLEDGE:

To not participate in relationship violence and not to tolerate it in other men.
To take a leadership role in discouraging other men from abusing their partners.
To not remain a silent bystander, as silence condones abuse.
To challenge men who use sexist language and make degrading jokes or comments about women.
To examine my own attitudes and beliefs about violence, power, control, and entitlement.
To talk with boys and young men about healthy and equitable attitudes and relationships.
To be the husband, father, brother, co-worker, teammate, or friend who says:

I will not silently stand by and allow it to continue.

New year, new resolutions ... why not shake up that list in 2021? You can resolve to take a stand against domestic and sexual violence in the Charlotte community by joining Men For Change. Your gift provides support for survivors and your commitment helps change attitudes and beliefs that contribute to the cycle of violence. As a member of Men For Change, you will receive exclusive invitations to events and other opportunities supporting Safe Alliance.


Thank You to Our 2021 Members!

Frank Ahlborn
Michael Allen
Jeff Appel

Jay Ashendorf
Rapfael Banner
Kevin Behrns
Timothy Bell
Derek Beres

Stephen Bergstrand
Bob Bertges
Michael Blackwelder
Heyward Bouknight
Thomas Brown
Stephen Burgess
Harry Burns

​​​​John Carmichael

William Carney
Charles Carpenter
Kyle Carse

Chris Cicoletti
Gene Cook
​​Shantly Cooke
Tom Coyne
Brian Cromwell
Glenn Dahlen
Paul Devine
Brian Donley

Michael Dudish
Kelly Dunbar
Walt Fisher III
Walter Fisher Jr.

Eric Frasure
Michael Fresina
Rodney Gaddy

Bill Geiger
Kurt Gessaman
Peter S. Gilchrist III
Frank Grass
Preston Griffith
Brandon Haig
Richard Helms
Mark Henriques
Tyler Hickman
Ivan Hinrichs

Brett Holladay
Mark Horinko
Frank Horne Jr.
Karim Kajani

Jim Kelligrew
Jim King
Brad Kline
Phil Kline
Robert Koch
Michael Koss
Paul Lawrence
Craig Leach
Kyle LeBlanc

Nicholas Lee
Tony Leone
Terry Linnert
Phillip Loydpierson

Spencer Lueders
Kevin Lunny
Shawn Lynch

Joe Marinello
Marcus Martin
Shawn Matthews
Matt McConeghy
Dan McNeill
Steve Menaker
Spencer Merriweather
Derik Miller

George N. Miller
Todd Neal
Tim Nicodemus

Daniel Nix
Timothy Patrick
James Patterson

Ross Peake
Stephen Philipson
David Pitser
Heyden Pitser

Timothy Pratt
Scott Reffett

William Reid, Jr.
Rex Rudy
Loyd Russing

Jason Schubert
Scott Shannon
Matthew Shepherd

Blair Shwedo
Alvin Simpson
Russ Sizemore

Deandre Smith
Gary Smith
Michael Smith
Ryan Stage

Jordan Stern
Craig Stites

Robert Stonebraker
Robert Terhune
Richard Thigpen

Harold Thomason
Tristan Thompson
John Tosco
Justin Tosco

Nicolas Tosco
Thomas Toth
Garry Wallace
Peyton Wallace
John Walter

Bo Weatherly
Chip Whitfield
Mitchell Wickham
Chris Wilcox

Jeff Williams
Jeremy Williams
Stephen Windell
Scott Wooster

Landon Wyatt
Jared Yerg


Download the 2021 Sponsorship Packet (pdf).

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View the list of 2020 Men For Change members (pdf).

Thank You to Our Sponsors

For more information, contact:

Caitlin Donley, Chief Advancement & Finance Officer caitlin.donley@safealliance.org
Tenille Banner, Director of Corporate & Community Engagement tenille.banner@safealliance.org
Sydney Hammond, Deputy Chief Development Officer sydney.hammond@safealliance.org
Carol Shinn, Grant Writer carol.shinn@safealliance.org
Jill Abell, Senior Administrative Manager jill.abell@safealliance.org
Meredith Smith, Communications Coordinator      meredith.carter@safealliance.org

In an emergency please dial 911

Call the Greater Charlotte Hope Line 24/7 for info on parenting, domestic violence and sexual assault 980.771.4673.

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