Domestic Violence Shelter


Safe Alliance proudly announced the opening of the Clyde and Ethel Dickson Domestic Violence Shelter in winter 2012-13. The shelter has been the realization of a dream and a source of hope for those in need of sanctuary from abusive situations.

The Safe Alliance shelter has 80 beds, compared to the 29 beds at the former shelter. The shelter is located on a 5-acre site in Charlotte, convenient to public transportation and other support services.  The 40,000 square-foot facility has state-of-the-art security.

With an increase in capacity, Safe Alliance offers longer stays for our clients. In the former shelter, clients were limited to stays of 30 days due to a lack of space. Now, each family's needs are addressed individually and service plans are developed accordingly.

The shelter space includes 10 units for single adults and 19 apartment style suites for families. It also includes multi-purpose spaces that support our available programming, including counseling, substance use treatment, support groups, individual advocacy, and life skills and career planning services. Dedicated spaces include a kitchen and dining room, age appropriate gathering spaces for children, teens and adults, and a donation room to assist in providing residents with needed toiletries and clothing.

Confidential Charlotte location
Hours of Operation: 24/7

Contact Information
24/7 Crisis Hotline: 980.771.4673 
Office: 704.944.0169
Fax: 704.944.0240

Please note that as part of our security protocol all visitors to the shelter are required to call and schedule an appointment in advance. Visitors will be credentialed at several security check points before entering the facility.  No one will be granted entry without prior approval.

The Clyde and Ethel Dickson Domestic Violence Shelter offers services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, language, and immigration status. 

In an emergency please dial 911

Call the Greater Charlotte Hope Line 24/7 for info on parenting, domestic violence and sexual assault 980.771.4673.

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