Sexual Trauma Resource Center

Sexual assault can happen anywhere, anytime and to anyone, child or adult, male or female. Most often, the offender is someone that the survivor has known in some capacity, either a relative, friend, co-worker, or an acquaintance. Research shows that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are likely to be sexually abused by their 18th birthdays; 1 in 5 women are likely to be sexually assaulted, stalked, or a victim of domestic violence in their lifetime.

We define sexual assault as any act committed against a person's will by force, coercion, or trickery that is of a sexual nature. Sexual assault is an invasion of a person's body and mind. It includes not only rape, but also child sexual abuse, marital rape, attempted rape, incest, sexual harassment, human trafficking, sexual exploitation and indecent exposure. Sexual assault is a crime, used by one person to control, dominate and humiliate another. The offender, not the survivor, is always at fault.

The effects of sexual assault can be traumatic - a victim's immediate responses might include fear, shame, denial, guilt and shock. Some effects such as drug or alcohol abuse, relationship problems, sexual dysfunction and/or extreme depression may last for years.


Charlotte Location
601 E. 5th St., Suite 400
Charlotte, NC 28202
Contact Information
Phone:  704.332.9034
Fax:  704.373.1604
Crisis Line:  980.771.HOPE (4673)
Hours of Operation
Monday & Wednesday: 9 a.m.-6 p.m.
Tuesday & Thursday: 9 a.m.-7:30 p.m.
Friday: 9 a.m.-noon

The Sexual Trauma Resource Center (STRC) provides a continuum of services for victims of sexual assault and abuse. The Mecklenburg STRC operates a 24/7 rape crisis hotline, which provides victims immediate access to crisis intervention and safety planning, enhancing their emotional and physical safety. The STRC also offers hospital accompaniment. An advocate stays with a sexual assault victim and/or the victim's loved ones while the victim is seen by a medical provider at any Mecklenburg area hospital, providing information about the choices the victim may make, and offering emotional support during this period of crisis. The impact of assault endures well beyond the immediate attack. Therefore, the STRC provides ongoing advocacy, education, and emotional support to victims and their non-offending loved ones.

We also offer these services to victims of sexual and domestic violence in North Mecklenburg with victim advocate staff that are based in that geographic area. In Lake Norman, the Cornelius, Davidson,and Huntersville police departments connect victims with the Advocate, often asking the Advocate to participate in the police interview to provide the victim emotional support. Such immediate connection allows the Advocate to provide critical safety planning, crisis intervention and advocacy services.

The STRC has also incorporated counseling services into the program's current structure. Safe Alliance has a strong history of providing effective counseling to trauma survivors. This important service will remain but will become more focused working solely with survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. Housing clinicians and victim advocates within one program will be key to building a strong collaborative service model that will enable survivors to begin healing from the trauma they have faced. 

Sexual Trauma Client Forms




The Sexual Trauma Resource Center offers services to victims of sexual assault and abuse regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, language, and immigration status. 

In an emergency please dial 911

Call the Greater Charlotte Hope Line 24/7 for info on parenting, domestic violence and sexual assault 980.771.4673.

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